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ASK THE EXPERTS: How do you “dry hump”?

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Dear Experts,

Hello I am 15 and I was wondering how you “DRY HUMP”


The Answer:

Dear virgin813,

“Dry humping” is slang for when two people rub their bodies together for sexual stimulation — with their clothes on. Dry humping is a form of sex play known as outercourse — which is almost the same as foreplay, except that outercourse does not lead to intercourse, and foreplay usually does lead to intercourse.

Dry humping is considered a safer sex activity because no body fluids are exchanged between partners.

Besides body rubbing, outercourse can also include masturbation, deep kissing, erotic massage, role playing, and sharing fantasies with a partner.

Both partners can feel some pretty intense and extreme pleasure from this and be stimulated to orgasm.

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