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Ask the experts: Can porn affect your school work?

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I look at porno sites but I got all A for my subjects People say looking at those sites affect your school work, but since i think i’m not affected, should i stop it? If i should, how?


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Dear Question88,

Pornography is sexually arousing imagery. Some people prefer to call it “erotica” because the word pornography is sometimes used to describe material that may be considered offensive and obscene.

In any case, many people enjoy using pornography or erotica as a part of their sex play — alone or with a partner.

There’s no correlation between using pornography and getting bad grades in school. However, when any repeated behavior affects a person’s ability to meet his or her responsibilities, it’s called compulsive and that person may need help to cut down on that particular behavior — whether it’s washing your hands over and over, checking to make sure you’ve locked the door hundreds of times, or checking to see if the burners are still on.

There is no indication that using pornography causes problems as long as it does not interfere with other aspects of a person’s life. Just keep in mind that pornography is actually illegal in United States for people under 18.

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